Who we are

rantanplan AG is a marketing agency based in Basel, Switzerland. With us as a partner you gain access to professional full-service options in the areas of strategy, design and marketing analytics. We develop easily implementable projects with measurable results. And we can become your personal marketing department upon request and relieve your company over the long-term by taking care of all your relevant marketing channels and activities.


We develop individual strategies that fit your company, that are easy to implement and that enable direct measurement of success.


Your company will thrive with a strong brand and a clear message. Our designs, content and technical implementation ensure an excellent customer experience.


We find your target groups, produce content and generate verified traffic on your platforms. That’s how we increase leads, conversions and sales.


What we do

Digital Strategy

Consulting & Auditing

Analytics & Reporting

Design & User Experience

SEO Search Engine Optimization

Our goal is to fully understand your business so that we can develop a customized strategy that meets your specific needs – regardless of company size or industry.


Feedback from our customers

Bruno Schulze
Clinique DELC | CEO

“Ich kann rantanplan AG als Partner für SEO und Online-Marketing Projekte wirklich empfehlen. Sie gehen fundiert und strukturiert an Themen heran.”

Johannes Regenass
Alerion Consult AG | CEO | Partner

“rantanplan was able to re-design and relaunch our website and the related marketing channels within a short amount of time and with amazing results. They gave us great advice in terms of digital marketing, SEO and Analytics and we are looking forward to our ongoing collaboration”

Johannes Regenass
Alerion Consult AG | CEO | Partner

“rantanplan hat unsere Projekte erfolgreich geplant und umgesetzt und uns im Bereich Digital Marketing, SEO und Analytics beraten. Alles wurde äusserst kompetent, schnell und innerhalb des Budget abgewickelt. Wir freuen uns auf die weitere Zusammenarbeit”

Christian Bärlocher
Zürich Flughafen - Marketingleiter

„Sehr strukturierte und zuverlässige Arbeit. Für bewegenden Content und digitales Marketing sehr zu empfehlen.“

Patrick Hauser
Zuger Kantonalbank - Head of Strategy

„Projekte in professioneller und sympathischer Atmosphäre. Die Endprodukte und Resultate können sich sehen lassen. Jederzeit wieder!“

Heiko Tröster
Slush Puppie Germany | CEO

“Sehr effiziente Umsetzung und laufende Optimierung unserer digitalen Marketing- und SEO-Projekte mit äußerst positiven Resultaten – bereits ab den ersten Wochen.”

Dr Chester Griffiths MD
Pacific Neuroscience Institute

rantanplan AG hat uns im Bereich SEO-Strategie beraten und unsere Marketing-Teams bei der Umsetzung der Kampagnen begleitet. Das Know-how, Projekt Management und vor allem die Resultate sprechen für sich. Ein ausgezeichneter Partner.

Stefan Bechold
Recruiters Advice GmbH | CEO

“rantanplan offered a very positive experience. The team listened very closely to our request and completed a perfect website design and social profiles for our company. We will absolutely keep working with rantanplan and include them in all our future marketing activites.”

Olivier Mueller
CEO unisite.group Schweiz

“Laufende Optimierung der SEO-Massnahmen sämtlicher Domains unserer Firmengruppe mit ausgezeichneten Resultaten. Die Reports sind klar und verständlich aufbereitet. Sehr zu empfehlen…”

Neil Jackson
CEO - Slush Puppie Switzerland

“A reliable and creative partner for years in strategic issues as well as in the implementation of our ongoing marketing activities.”

Bernhard Raemy
Hotel Bären Langenthal - Director

“Our projects have been supported for years with skill and flexibility – and excellent, visible results.”

Patrick Hauser
Zuger Kantonalbank - Head of Strategy

“Projects in a relaxed, amiable and professional atmosphere. The final products are impressive. We will definitely work together on future projects!”

Heiko Tröster

“Efficient implementation and ongoing optimization of our online platforms with extremely positive results from the beginning.”

Olivier Mueller
CEO unisite.group Schweiz | RA Advice

Confident and independent handling of various marketing projects. Extremely valuable reinforcement accompanied by considerable financial savings.

Bernhard Raemy
Hotel Bären Langenthal - Direktor

„Sämtliche Digital Marketing & SEO-Projekte werden seit Jahren kompetent und flexibel begleitet. Mit ausgezeichneten und nachvollziehbaren Resultaten.“

Neil Jackson
CEO - Slush Puppie Switzerland

“Seit Jahren ein zuverlässiger und kreativer Partner im Bereich SEO, Digital Marketing und in strategischen Marketing-Fragen. Die Umsetzung der Projekte erfolgt zeitnah und professionell. Top!”

“Digital innovation needs to be part of your culture. Customers are transforming faster than we are, and if we don’t catch up, we’re in trouble.”


We love startups

Startups struggle in a unique environment and can achieve a lot through creativity and commitment. Marketing & positioning is one of the most exciting phases for a company and provides an interesting opportunity to develop new strategies and innovative marketing concepts. That’s why we support startups with free advice and special terms for the implementation of their projects.

The starting position as a startup

Startups enter the race with limited financial and human resources. Employees are all-rounders and are used to their full capacity. Startups are often aware of the topic of marketing and online business, but there is often no plan or expertise to implement efficient measures. Maybe the intern should do some social media?

This is how we launch your projects

We analyze your entire business from the business model to existing marketing activities from scratch and focus on existing resources and optimization opportunities. We consider the industry, markets and growth opportunities especially for your company and develop an ideal strategy.

This is how we implement the strategies

Flexibility is a big strength. So the focus in startups should be on quick and easy-to-implement measures with direct success measurements. That means lean marketing budgets are used efficiently and in the right places, and course corrections are possible at any time.

Yes, we’re a startup and really need a strong tailwind.

“Audiences everywhere are tough. They don’t have time to be bored or brow beaten by old-fashioned marketing.”


Launch a project with us


Our flexible business model enables both short-term, tailor-made projects as well as long-term support for all marketing activities at your company. We put together the ideal cast for your projects in a very short time and optimize quality at significantly lower costs.

  • Full service marketing from a single source
  • Clearly defined and measurable actions
  • A creative partner for innovative concepts
  • Performance/value-based pricing
  • Newest technologies and open-source solutions
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